Agent Cody Banks Wikia

Cody Banks is a 15-year-old (16 in the second film) bullied teenager who doubles as a junior agent for the CIA. In Agent Cody Banks his handler was Ronica Miles. His love interest was Natalie Connors. In Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London his handler was Derek. His love interest is Emily. He was played by Frankie Muniz.


Cody is kind-hearted, decent, noble and loyal. He is known to be very shy and awkward around women. But he is also a peeping Tom with his x-ray binoculars, in which he looks at Ronica’s (and other’s) unclothed bodies under their clothes.


Cody Banks after the first movie (where Nick and some boys made fun of him and bullied Cody Banks again) had a fight with Natalie Connors, they were arguing over his agent work and that he didn't have time for her. Therefore it explains his interest in Emily.